Capacity and Capacity Utilization Ratio Tarih: 23 January 2017

In 2016 Turkey’s crude steel production capacity increased from 50.4 mt to 51.5 mt, up by 2.1 %. Electric arc and induction furnace mills’ share of total production capacity reached 75 %. Supported by 5.2 % crude steel output increase, capacity utilization ratio increased from 62.5 % to 64.4 % in 2016. According to World Steel Association’s data the world crude steel capacity utilization ratio dropped from 69.7 % to 69.3 % in 2016, revealing that Turkish steel sector’s capacity utilization ratio fell 5 percentage points behind the world average. In 2016 Turkey’s slab output capacity utilization ratio increased from 44 % to 55 %. Imports of low quality, non-certified, dumped and subsidized steel products have negatively affected the capacity utilization rates in slab production